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Jackalope Real Estate

Long before real estate agents began dividing up and selling this wonderland called Park City, the high desert plains stretching from Park City Eastward through Wyoming was the home of the fearsome yet proud creature called the jackalope.

Jackalopes have been described as a strange cross between a jack rabbit and antelope. Some jackalope experts have spectulated that the jackalopes species came into existence during one of Wyoming's legendary long cold lonely nights when a Jack Rabbit and Antelope decided to huddle together for a little warmth and companionship.

I hold to the more probable theory jackalopes evolved from the Eohippus and is actually a closer relative to the horse than either the rabbit or antelope.

Regardless of deep scientific debates, jackalopes are noted for both their speed and almost uncanny aptitude to hide from trackers and biologists.

Which is really odd because there have been numerous sightings of the creatures by folks who drink a lot of beer. There is some speculation that jackalopes are attracked by the scent of brewed hops.

Scientific studies have shown that leaving an open bottle of beer in the ground outside in the desert attracts beetles, but no jackalopes. This leads to speculation that one must actively drink beer to attract the mysterious critters. Oddly, sitting around the camp fire and drinking several beers can sometimes make the creatures appear. I figure this phenomena has something to do with the chemical reactions of digestive juices and hops. Unfortunately, by the time you've drunk enough beer to attrack the animals, it is difficult to hold a camera steady.

Several jackalopes have been caught down by the trailer park. Sadly, they were skewered up in the bar-b-que pit before any of them fancy city trained scientist had been able to examine the animals for their so called "scientific classification."

When drawing that fine line between scientific integrity and tasty vittles, there is a point when a man simply must opt for the vittles.

A small number of scientists have tried to claim that Jackalopes are a myth. Don't believe them. I've seen postcards with pictures of Jackalopes that just couldn't be faked.

Of course, the Jackalope Real Estate web site is not a detailed history of this majestic creature. It is one of the many web sites in Park City hawking vacation property.

You learn on the toy page, that the reason you should rent your vacation property through this company (as opposed to all of the other people hawking similar properties) is so that the owner of Jackalope Real Estate can buy fast cars. Below you see a picture of the owner with a 1967 Shelby Mustang GT 500.

The argument works for me.

In addition to the real estate, the company has information on local activities. The picture gallery shows the members of the firm hard at work on the slopes. They also have several yeti sightings which help confirm the belief that yetis do prefer skiing to snowboarding.

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