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The Canyons UT Lodging provides a guide for lodging in and near The Canyons ski area. The site has good information on the resort and the various accommodations near The Canyons. The site does not include an about page; so I am not sure if it is owned by The Canyons, by the Hotels or if it is a creation of an independent web developer.

One of the biggest problems with the web is you never know who you are dealing with. When we deal with companies in person, we can generally figure out who is who by the context of the situation. The person at the hotel desk probably is an employee of the hotel. On the web, you need to identify yourself. A good 90% of the web is made by intermediaries like myself. The need to have an about page that identifies who owns that company is especially important when you ask for money. (It is less important when it is clear you are just providing information).

Anyway, this is an nice clean site with interesting information about hotels near the canyons. I doubt it will do well in the market until they add an about page describing who they are.
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