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Park City School District

The Park City School District web site is a primary source for information on public schools in Park City. The site includes information on each of the public schools in the district. The site includes a district calendar, news page and contact information of the Board of Education (so you will know who to yell at). The General Information page includes a write up on the district, registration, dress code and the like.

The teachers pages section includes a list of school teachers. Many of the pages include pictures (e.g. Jon Green). Some of the pages include write ups by the teachers. This section needs to be larger. Unfortunately, too many of the teachers seem to be paying attention to kids and not working on their web page!

The PC Science Times is a one page PDF format newsletter currently produced by Meri-Lyn Stark which discusses science for kids in Utah.

The fact sheet has statistics on the Park City School district (which consistently ranks among the top school districts in the state). Over all, this is a large and informative resource for Park City.

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