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AvantLink is an affiliate network with headquarters in Salt Lake and Park City.

Also called performance marketing, an affiliate network manages affiliations between publishers (such as this site) and merchant web sites.

When a person clicks on a link from a publisher site, the link will set a cookie on the merchant site. If the user makes a purchase, the affiliate site will get a commission on the sale.

For example, if the owner of an online store clicked a link on this page and established a relation with Avantlink, I would get a commission.

This process works great for merchants that have a compelling product that people are happy to purchase online. Since the cookie tracks sales from click to purchase, the process gives marketers a feel for what online advertising is worth.

Unfortunately, many things can go wrong in the process: For example, there is a type of product called "adware" or "spyware." Often masked as "browser helper objects," Adware infects computers and switches the affiliate cookie to the adware cookie.

BTW: There is a variety of AdBlocker software on the market that strips off affiliate cookies as well.

In the early days of affiliate marketing, some of the affiliate networks openly partnered with adware companies. The affiliate marketplace funded the creation of browser helper objects that infected and slowed down browsers as the adware switched ids.

From its inception Avantlink has taken a stand against Adware and other deceptive advertising practices and has earned a stellar reputation as an ethical marketing firm. The company screens both its affiliates and merchants to create a positive and profitable marketplace.

The company was founded by outdoor enthusiast. Through the years, the company has expanded its focus and runs the affiliate campaigns for many to web destinations.

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