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Incentive Travel

The best way to motivate your workers is the promise to hit the road.

Seriously folks, most people would love to have a chance to see the world. Travel can be both an award for good work and a way to keep your best employees from burning out on the job.

So, the site of the day is Castle Travel Group?a Park City firm making incentive travel happen. The site not only offers travel services, they have the expertise to establish an incentive travel program in your business.

PS: I showed my boss this link and gave a good speil about how visiting far off lands is a great incentive for work. He then told me that I needed to write more Site of the Day reviews. They needed to be longer and have fewer mistakes or I should HIT THE ROAD!!!!

"Dude", I said. "You got the whole incentive thing wrong. We are supposed to occasionally get positive rewards along with all the negative ones."

He threw and eraser at me.

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