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Coda Gallery

Coda Gallery has locations in New York, the Palm Desert and Park City. These galleries share Connie and David Katz's admiration for artists and the creative process.

You can view gallery by art category. Unforuntately, the Coda web site lists the categories by artists you end up only viewing artists who's last name begins with an A. The best way to explore the gallery is with the Featured Artist page. This page lets you view the works for a particular artist. You select the artist in a select list, you then get a thumbnail gallery of the artists works. Clicking on a work will pop up in a new window. The problem with this navigation technique is that the select list really doesn't give any information about the artist other than the artist's name.

The site has some interesting pictures of artist's works. Casual web surfers will find the site to be navigationally challenged.

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